Listen to this forgotten Alesso & David Guetta collaboration

Every now and again, we come across artists playing various tracks in their live shows and podcasts. Sometimes however, these tunes just don’t seem to make the cut as a solo release, rather are tucked away into an album’s tracklist as more of an album-filler than a distinctive musical piece. One such track is Alesso and David Guetta‘s ‘Every Chance We Get We Run‘.

Although being two of the biggest names is the music industry, we have rarely seen Alesso and Guetta alongside each other in a track. Back when both artists were in their prime, such a release would’ve likely taken audiences by storm. Unfortunately however, it never really saw the spotlight it truely deserves – but We Rave You is here to try fix that.

Featuring beautiful and mellow vocals by Tegan & Sara, this godsend collaboration is reminiscent of signature Alesso melodies paired with Guetta’s go-to basslines. Acting as the 15th track from Guetta’s ‘Nothing But The Beat 2.0’, its reemergence is a refreshing take away from todays trite big room and electro house productions.

Catch the masterpiece below!