Tiesto & Don Diablo – Chemicals ft. Thomas Troelsen

Martin Bosch drops remix of Tiesto & Don Diablo’s “Chemicals” – and it’s awesome

Martin Bosch is a name very few have heard of. The young Columbian has only just entered the global scene, but my what an entrance it is.

Focusing predominantly on melodic-based house, Martin Bosch has transformed Tiësto & Don Diablo’s latest work “Chemicals”. With a significant presence and air of quality, it’s easy to forget this is Bosch’s first release and mistake it for a big established name.

Opening with more of a tropical-house vibe, the matured progressive layers emerge from below creating an anticipation-filled introduction. With Thomas Troelsen’s vocals joined by a minimalist approach of piano chords and anthemic synth’s, a more jovial atmosphere is created as the tempo rises and the melody teases towards the forefront.

With a heart-warming melodic progression under-laid with a pulsating beat, it’s fair to say this Columbian could have a distinctive career ahead of him. Carrying on with another set of Troelsen’s infectious voice, the layered effect of it add’s extra ‘zest’ to the second round of melody. With a classy outro rounding out the track, the remix is due major praise and hype from the scene.

Seemingly set to make waves from the outset, Martin Bosch is certainly one to keep an eye on for the future and on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool contest. And it would be no surprise if we see his name in the results of the remix contest for the track next month!

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