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Martin Garrix has hardly been out the headlines this year thanks to his stellar rise to popularity and immense stock of tracks he’s released.

Seemingly stemming from his well known split and disagreements with Spinnin’ Records, the flying Dutchman is now adding a Record Label to his tally of responsibilities and year highlights – bare in mind he’s just 19.

With most 19 years old’s currently glued to Fallout 4 or Justin Bieber’s latest news, it’s fair to say Martin Garrix isn’t your normal teenager. Making the announcement on Dutch television show, DINO, further details have been few and far between. However you can expect a press release and additional information on social media in the near future.

Having just opened up about his struggle with pressure from the industry as a whole, it certainly seem’s Garrix has more than found his feet. And with his known broad taste in music, there could be a few surprises joining the label in the years to come!

H/T: YourEDM