Martin Garrix’s “Cant Feel My Face” remix officially drops

Martin Garrix has seen a career kick-started by “Animals”, turn into a sheer force of nature. And you get the impression it’s not from luck, managerial techniques or cheap tactics. Rather fuelled by his persistent energy to improve, kind-hearted manner and utter joy for the genre. His willingness to try new things, and succeed emphatically has been proven again and again in 2015, with his latest remix being no exception.

Now having been online for a few months now via his Soundcloud account and amassing nearly 13 million plays, his remix of “I Can’t Feel My Face” is certainly no hidden secret. But with its formal release by The Weeknd’s label, xoxxxoooxo, come an official sign that Martin Garrix has created something special.

While maintaining the soulful core of the song through The Weeknd’s infectious vocal overlay, the instrumental layers reveal a fully fledged remake, rather than just a simple cut, paste and fade edit. With developing chords, rising beats and effective FX, the tracks deeper progression reflects once again the Dutchman’s willingness and pursuit of a broad range of sounds and formats as well as his production quality.

Boldly taking on one the mainstream charts tracks of the year, Martin Garrix has ascended into the industry’s stratosphere. Reaching No.3 on DJ Mag Top 100, promotion free, is no fluke. Rather a symbol of his respected and loved status with fans across the globe.

You can grab your copy of his remix here

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