Martin Garrix’s YouTube videos blocked by labels

Martin Garrix is undoubtedly the golden boy of the current electronic dance music hype. However his rise into the spotlight and increasing popularity has also drawn unwanted attention, and it’s starting to grind our gears.

After cutting ties with Spinnin’ Records, due to ownership arguments, controversially earlier this year, it seems big labels are now after the Dutch maestro’s work. And not in a beneficial way for Martin or his fans.

Label heavy-weights Warner Music Group and Sony Records are now flexing their ‘righteous’ muscles and blocking certain content associated with Martin Garrix on YouTube. And it’s not like it was recently released material either, which makes their motives for doing so even more interesting.

Martin Garrix’ massive set at the iconic sets at Sziget Festival and Ultra Music Festival earlier this year brought a trail of positive hype for the 19 year old. With the latter set acting as the debut for his chart-dominating collaboration alongside Usher, “Don’t Look Down”, the footage acts as a career milestone for Garrix. And with nearly 27 million views and and 200,000 likes, it seems many others did as well.

So it’s a real shame the video now has the infamous ‘blocked content’ screen staring back at us. But seeing as these sets were months ago, what has taken the labels so long to object? And what prevented them from reaching an agreement where fans weren’t affected negatively?

This highlighting a slightly bigger issue in the scene, where rights to materials and similar debates are seemingly taking priority over the supply of music to fans. Which is what nearly every artist seems to want.

And while thanks to the powers of the internet you can still view Martin Garrix’s Ultra set in high definition on the ever-reliable Vimeo, and audio of his Sziget Festival on the likes of Mixcloud and Soundcloud, who knows how long they will be up…


Source: YourEDM

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