New_ID Delivers a Nostalgic Remix For Camelphat’s ‘Siren Song’

It’s always quality when it’s stemming from Axtone’s cupboard.

And this time it’s Axtone favorite NEW_ID delivering a remix of Camelphat’s ‘Siren Song’, which was released in mid-August earlier this year. As we reported at the time of the release, the song had a very mellow feel to it. With this remix from New_ID, the song got the energy it deserved.

Combining the groovy vibe with the overwhelming vocals from the original, New_ID takes the House production to its full potential. Mesmerizing melody, addicting beat-work and a sound in total which reminds us of the 2010-2012 house tracks, this song seems to embody what Axtone has been all about. This is House at its progressive finest. Out with rest of remixes for the Camelphat original.

Available for purchase here.

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