Nicky Romero Teams Up With Stadiumx Delivering The Startling ‘Harmony’

It’s one of those Nicky Romero Ultra Miami IDs again.

The last time a Nicky Romero ID hit the Miami main stage was his collaboration with the Vicetone duo from Groningen in the shape of ‘Let Me Feel’. The year is different, the collaborators are different but the vibes are that pure progressive house ecstatic once again. This time he collaborates with the Hungarian duo Stadiumx, who are frequenters on the Dutchman’s Protocol Recordings.

The track first played Lollapalooza Argentina, got the deserved recognition and hype once Nicky Romero unleashed it on the Ultra Miami 2015 main stage. Like most other productions of the collaborators the track features dominating vocals paired with the signature Progressive House decoration from the producers. Energizing , hooking & pure main stage material, this ‘Harmony’ is touted for its release on the 21st of December and thus being the releases for Protocol Recordings to end the year on a high.

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