Oliver Heldens Invites Fans To Design The Visuals For His First HI-Lo Show

Oliver Heldens has been rising rapidly and his rise is not limited to his original moniker but is arm to arm with his HI-LO alias. Heldens has released two tracks under the HI-LO stage name in the form of Renegade Mastah, released as the first record on Heldeep Records, and Wappy Flirt. And the Dutch artist is excited to let his fans get involved in the growth of this alias.

He recently decided to allow the fans to design the visuals for his first ever stage performance as HI-LO. Teaming up with creativity focused website Talenthouse, Heldens opens the way for ideas to flow in from fans, well versed in visual design or otherwise, to submit their attempts at creating visuals for his show, for which the location still remains undisclosed. The contest is one which will be judged by him and another guest artist. Visuals will focus on seamless infusion with the music and minimal use of HI-LO’s logo related art. The winner of the contest will get to work with the video jockey at the show and decorate the live show.

One artist, as selected by HI-LO and his guest judge, will:

  • Have the opportunity to bring their designs to life with the help of HI-LO’s video jockey and live production team (via Skype or otherwise)

  • Have their graphics used at HI-LO’s first show and potentially in future shows

  • Receive exposure for their work across HI-LO’s channels

  • Receive $1,500

Winners or losers, it is worth giving an entry for this one so go ahead and take a shot here.


H/T: YourEDM

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