Premiere: Sander van Doorn & Pep & Rash – White Rabbit (Official Video)

We recently brought to your guy’s attention Sander Van Doorn’s newest tune with Pep & Rash, “White Rabbit“.

This power collab gives us a western feel deep house groove that’s surrounded by beautiful vintage guitar riffs and acoustic drum beats. Once the drop hits, we’re off to the races with an incredible 4 on the floor bassline that can’t help but get those feet dancing to the beat.

The music video is not far off from the same. What starts as two beautiful woman down on their luck, stranded on an empty desert road, quickly see’s its upside as a gentleman suitor comes to their aid in a brand new Chevy Camaro, a classic piece of Americana for the modern era.  In a rather odd turn of events, he is then willingly blindfolded by one of the beauties and somehow makes his way to what appears to be a trailer out in the middle of nowhere, with additional masqueraded females there to court him.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out just what happens to him in the end.

Without further adieu, here’s is the world premier music video for Sander Van Doorn w/ Pep & Rash – White Rabbit
You can also officially purchase the track now, on Beatport.