M-22 – Inspiration

Sebastian Ingrosso’s ‘Refune’ label seems to have found another rising talent, M-22.  After catching the eye of the label head with successful remixes of Axwell^Ingrosso’s ‘Sun Is Shining’ and Salvatore Ganacci’s ‘Money In My Mattress,’ the German-British duo are now signed and releasing their first single ‘Inspiration’ with Ingrosso.

‘Inspiration’ premiered on the legendary Danny Howard’s ‘BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems’ and it is easy to see why. Offering some of the Future House sounds that have been so popular over the past year, ‘Inspiration’ offers a beat that sweeps over your body.  Opening with some incredible vocals, the track gradually builds to that patented, heavier beat that can send anyone into a shuffling mood.  M-22 has certainly turned some heads with this release and we are looking forward to what the duo has to offer next.

‘Inspiration’ is currently available in the United Kingdom and available internationally November 27th.