Steve Angello releases first chapter of ‘Wild Youth’

The wait is finally over…well, partly over. Swedish superstar Steve Angello recently announced that his highly anticipated debut album ‘Wild Youth’ will be released in two separate ‘chapters, and today we are treated to the first 5 tracks from the album.

The album kicks off with ‘Tiger‘; an utterly captivating track that is the perfect introduction to get us started on this album’s journey. This atmospheric instrumental features everything from electric guitars to drums to plucks and pads. By no means your typical dance track, ‘Tiger’ highlights Angello’s incredibly diverse production skills. Up next we have ‘Prisoner‘, where the Swede joins forces with vocalist Gary Go to deliver this long-awaited collaboration that has been featuring in Angello’s sets for over a year now. Combining some deep chords with the infectious vocals during the break, the track peaks when the melatic leads kick in at the drop.

Any Steve Angello fan will by now be familiar with the next track, ‘Wasted Love‘, which got its official release last year. This epic feel good song features vocals from the Temper Trap‘s Dougy, and uniquely infuses the indie-style vocals with more organic instruments whilst still keeping an electronic touch throughout, and perfectly showcases Angello’s incredible ability to control energy and atmosphere in his productions. Another well-known track included in Chapter 1 is ‘Children of the Wild‘, an emotionally charged dance anthem that features Mako‘s addictive lyrical sound along with a harmonized choir of children, to capture the bittersweet essence of the song. The strong message is accompanied by a rip-roaring drum build up, climaxing with a liberating melody sequence that reflects the motivational idea carried perfectly.

Chapter 1 concludes with Angello’s latest release ‘Remember‘ featuring The Presets, a track which is centred around the emotional piano chords and heart-felt vocals. This spine-tingling production just gets better every time you listen to it, and certain recreates some of the magic that we became accustomed to finding in previous Swedish House Mafia tracks, and, more than anything, leave us extremely excited to discover what else is in store in Chapter 2 of ‘Wild Youth’.

Available for purchase here.