Steve Angello releases ‘Remember’ from his Studio Album

Steve Angello has had a pretty remarkable last couple of years, even after the separation of the Swedish House Mafia in 2013.  He has released hugely popular tracks like ‘Payback‘ and ‘SVLR‘ while continuing to manage one of the most successful labels out there, SIZE.  The next step in the process for the Swedish producer is releasing his much anticipated studio album ‘Wild Youth’ on January 22nd, 2016.  We have already heard a few of the tracks on the album like ‘Wasted Love‘ and ‘Children of the Wild,’ and now we have the official third release from the album, ‘Remember.’

Setting the tone with some wonderful piano chords and vocals from The Presets, Steve Angello’s newest release is one that shows his amazing ability to produce quality music.  Slowly building the tempo while adding the strumming of a guitar, the track soon gives way to the beat that will send chills down your spine.  While this song might of the main stage festival appeal like some of his previous releases, it does far more to illustrate the craftsmanship that Angello has as a producer.  ‘Remember’ has us truly excited for what is to come on his album.

Steve Angello’s album ‘Wild Youth’ is available for pre-order now and you will receive ‘Remember’ immediately with the purchase.