Thomas Gold vs Lush & Simon – Morphine

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When you hear the names Thomas Gold and Lush & Simon in the same sentence, there will only be good connotations. Packed with German precision and Italian flare, it’s fair to say the combining on their talents delivers a full-fledged, fully-satisfying anthem.

Suitably titled “Morphine”, the addictive nature of the track will leave its melodic progression and symphonic chords in your head all day. With simple introductory layers of dynamic sounds, the leading melody quickly teases into sequences with short bursts of powerful chords. Developed by a rising tempo, the track then gives way to his blue-ribbon, kick-bass-infused progression – the center-piece to their latest artwork.

With a bridge topped with smooth harmonic voices, and under-laid bouncy chords, it euphorically leads to another onslaught on their killer-melody and roaring synth’s, carried by its head-banging bassline.

It’s easy to see why Armin Van Buuren featured it on Episode 739 of his ‘A State Of Trance’ podcast, with Thomas Gold and Lush & Simon creating a massive trance-like atmosphere and providing soaring energy throughout.

Available for download today, Thomas Gold and Lush & Simon’s latest masterpiece will no doubt become a regular feature in their sets and the latest addition to your playlists.

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