Tom & Jame Remixes Daft Punk’s Legendary Song “Around the World”

Even eighteen years after the initial release of Daft Punk’s “Around the World”, upcoming producers Tom & Jame have decided to add their own flavor to this classic song. As two of Revealed Recordings’ fastest-rising talents, the Dutch duo always lives up to its expectations with big releases such as “Buddha” and “Clap”. Tom & Jame showcase their musical wonders once again by creating their own remix of the iconic French duo’s chart-topping hit.

Featured in ‘Hardwell on Air’ Episode 243, thousands of listeners were the first to hear Tom & Jame’s electro house variation of “Around the World”.

Consisting of strong and up-tempo riffs, the track’s drop is a definite crowd-pleaser. The remix includes Tom & Jame’s melodious breakdown with a combination of synths, piano chords, and of course, the repeating vocals from Daft Punk’s original version. Remixing such a legendary track leaves a lot of expectations for any producer and while Tom & Jame’s revisions are not necessarily perfect, their remix is still a great one to listen to.

Tom & Jame’s remix is available to download for free, which you can grab here !