Tom Staar reveals his plans and collaborations

UK prodigy Tom Staar is well known for his unique remixes and electrifying singles. Over the years, he has become extremely well reputed in the electronic music industry and boy wouldn’t everyone want to know where he gets his inspiration from? Such questions, and more, are answered in an interview he did with by Guettapen below:

How did you start making music?
I started making music when I was very young, just messing around with computer program and stuff. It wasn’t until 16 or 17 that I started going out to clubs and stuff that I really wanted to start making music as I was DJing at this time and I wanted to play music that nobody else had. That’s how I started, by making my original records.

What is THE moment you felt you could make a career as a DJ Producer?
I think, it’s when I got my first record signed a long time ago. I have been producing for around 14 years now, on different names not only as Tom Staar but when my first track got signed I realized I could make a career of it.

Which track was it, do you remember?
It is an old old record on a UK label called “Tidy Trax”. I used to make very fast music called Hard house that was like 150 BPM. I called it “The Witch” (Aka Candyman), but it is a very different kind of music by then.

You are a very close friend of Kryder, can you tell us about your relation?
I met him quite a long time ago now, that was 7 or 8 years ago. At this time, I was doing a lot of production for the people, he came to me wanting to make some music. We became very good friends after that and so that we work along together until now and we tour quite a lot together. But it is really through music that we originaly met.

What’s next for you? Do you have projects? Dates? Collabs? Release to announce?
Yeah, I have a few collab still about to be out this year. I have a collaboration along with Knife Party called Kraken and which I think should be out probably in a month hopefully. I have also a collaboration with Robbie Rivera of an old track of his called “Funkaton” which I have redone. And after that it is really focusing on the new label that me and Kryder are starting called “Cartelogist” due to loge in the new year, so I am just getting the music ready for that really.

About Production…
Can you describe us your process of production?
I varies really, sometimes I start with a melody and building from that. Other time I can start with a sample and some other time I start by just putting down some drums and getting the groove together. I have not a real way I always do, it depends on my feelings and te project I am working on.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with?
Knife Party was one of the artists I really wanted to work with. That sound is very different to mine. But Rob Swire’s productions are ones about the best around so I was really interested to get into the studio with him, so I am very happy to have done that.
In the future, may be Steve Angello or Axwell because I used to love the stuff they were doing when they were producing more club records. I would love to make some club records with them some time.

Do you have close contacts with Axwell and Steve Angello?
Yeah but they are doing quite different kind of stuff right now, more popular stuff. I would love working with them on club record rather than something too commercial you know. But we talk to each other for time to time because I am realizing stuff on Size and Axtone so we keep in contact.

About the EDM market?
Which artists impresses you the most?
There is not a lot of records from other people that I play when I DJ, I mean I have my own style with Kryder, so most of the music I play is mine or Kryder’s. There is a new kid coming out and doing great stuff called Corey James from UK. I am an old fan of Marcus Schossow as well. But like I said, I don’t really pay attention about what is coming out as I have my own style and play only my music in my sets.

What do you think about the DJ MAG TOP 100?
I think it is a non-sense really ! It is just a complete non sense nowadays. There is DJs in it that are clearly nobody or no ones have ever heard about and you have some others like Knife Party who are rated 100. So that is just a joke really.

About your label…
Can you describe us the DNA of Startraxx? What is your ambition with this label?
Obviously with the new label coming, I am going to use Startraxx really for pushing new talent. Just find new artists that are on the same wave as me and make music I can play in my sets.

So we won’t see any Tom Staar music on Startraxx anymore?
No, I don’t think I will sign on Startraxx anymore, with the new label coming all my original material will be on the new label yeah.

So the new label will be reserved for your both productions exclusively?
For now, it is just going to be tracks from Kryder and myself and maybe some collaborations with others but yeah, it is going to be an outlet for our music only.

Don’t you think that there is too much label on the market right now?
There is many label on the market today that is true, but there is many many tracks as well. And I don’t think it really matters. Lots of DJs are creating there label to make their records coming out and I don’t think it is a problem.

Bonus Question…
Can you tell us one exclusive thing about yourself?
I live in Ibiza right now, I’ve moved here in January so I don’t live in the UK anymore, great news !

Source: Guettapen

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