Tommy Trash Drops Groovy Track Alongside New EP

Tommy Trash is one of everyone’s favourite Australians. And a new EP, video and return to his distinctive has only increases the love we have for him. Titled “Luv U Giv” Tommy Trash brings a wave of nostalgia with his groovy synths and chords. Our only issue is that the track is under 3 minutes long!

With yet another iconic official video reflecting the alternate nature of Tommy Trash’s tastes, we couldn’t be more glued to our screens and speakers. With soaring chords over-laying a vibrant, pulsating beat its hard not to fall into the infectious party atmosphere create by the Aussie.

Still maintaining his renowned rhythm, Tommy Trash has certainly delivered once again on his ever-expanding reel of material catered for radio airwaves, intimate club settings and the globes biggest festivals. Having played at Ultra Miami earlier this year, it’s fair to say we’re not the only ones enjoying his productions.

As the leading track of his upcoming ‘Luv U Giv’ EP which is set to be released on November 20th, it’s certainly the home-stretch for eager fans who have waited several months for another fresh dose of Tommy Trash in their playlist. And having already started his ‘Luv U Giv’ tour, it’s fair to say it’s good to have the full Tommy back!

Grab your copy of “Luv U Giv” today!



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