Tomorrowland documentary gets it’s official trailer

Tomorrowland, and it’s sister festivals, have become ingrained as part of the latest generations bucket list of events to attend – And who can blame them? It is one of the figure-head festivals for a fan of electronic dance music.

With its massive line-ups, huge pyrotechnics and stages, fully catered provisions and uniting mystical theme, it’s rise to popularity is far from a fluke. Now in Belgium, Atlanta and Brazil, the festivals magical essence has been captured and put into documentary format, with input from the artists themselves, as well as the crowds of adoring fans.

Titled ‘This Was Tomorrow’, the feature length film has now been graced with an official trailer. And true to its reputation of aftermovies, it leaves you desiring to go. And while TomorrowWorld’s well-documented logistical nightmare earlier this year has put a dampener on the special atmosphere the festival brings for some fans, the trailer also reminds you there is far more to it than just a single incident.

With the visuals including 4 of its iconic stages from recent editions (Books, Castle, Key and Volcano), the December premiere couldn’t come sooner for avid fans of the festival and follows of the scene.

Check out the trailer below!




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