Tracklist For Steve Angello’s ‘Wild Youth’ Released

Fans were left disappointed a few months ago, as Steve Angello‘s highly anticipated debut album “Wild Youth” was expected to drop in April, but suffered a delay instead. However, we finally have a confirmed release date and the entire tracklist.

Angello also hinted that the album would have a heavy indie influence versus the traditional pop crossover sounds. In an interview he stated –

“It’s electronic music, it’s not dance music. It’s an attempt to create a hybrid of all of the music I love and all music I have been inspired by throughout all of these years, and I have made them into songs. I am not trying to do pop. A lot of producers are trying to go towards the whole EDM/pop clash, and this is different. It’s more indie, melancholic, darker, but still some big songs.”


2015 has been an immense year for the Swede. Stronger and more versatile than ever before, his latest independent chapter, including phenomenal solo productions and carefully selected radio mixes, has invigorated his character and returned him to his true passions and methods. In light of this, we cannot contain our excitement regarding ‘Wild Youth’.

Available 22nd January 2016. Preorder on iTunes now.


1) Rebel Nation ft. Andrew Watt
2) Children Of The Wild ft. Mako
3) Tiger
4) Last Dance ft. Franz Novotny w/ AN21
5) Wasted Love ft. Dougy Mandagi
6) Stockholm Skies
7) Revolution ft. David Garza w/ Francesco Rossi
8) Prisoner ft. Gary Go w/ Saturday, Monday
9) The Ocean ft. Julia Spada
10) Someone Else ft. Dan Reynolds
11) Remember ft. The Presets
12) Stay ft. Gavin Jasper