Unknown producer takes promotion stunts to a new level, ‘Collaborates’ with VINAI & TJR

We don’t blame you for not knowing this artist, but you’ve got to check out DJ Mike Pimenta. According to his Facebook page, Pimenta is a house producer who’s been rocking the international scene since 2008. Releasing 22 tracks through an unknown label called Dablio Records and its ‘sub-division’ Omnir Records, Mike is certainly one producer to watch out for. Perhaps not for his music but rather his peculiar methods of promotion.


Mike recently released a single called ‘Brother’ on Beatport and listed¬†TJR and Vinai as collaborators. It’s pretty obvious that the collaboration never happened but you’ve got to hand it to him; his unique style of marketing is applaudable.

Check out the big room tune here, maybe you’d even consider purchasing it.