William Da Vida – Platoon

William Da Vida, also known as William Hellström is a Swedish producer and DJ. Today, at the young age of 20, he manages to put together some of the biggest club bangers, gaining inspiration from a host of styles. Williams career began as a bedroom producer at 15 mere years of age. Upon first fiddling with the music production softwares, he got hooked, and his passion for creating music took off from there.

William aims for his music to be labelled as his own unique creation, rather than being associated with the sounds of other artists. To put to show his eclectic ear for music, Da Vida has released numerous 1 hour club mixes that combine unique tracks from all corners of the industry.
For his latest track ‘Platoon‘, the Norrtälje native looks to bring back the groove. With impeccably arranged synths and basslines, the track displays mastery of production. A mellow progression soon turns into a roaring groove injected drop that is sure to get people shuffling on the dancefloor.