WOLV releases new Dubstep track from Bloqshot

Dyro’s record label, WOLV, has been releasing many bass-heavy and head-banging tracks for the past year or so, ranging from drum and bass to electro house. The time has finally come, though, for WOLV to sign its first dubstep song. This blood-pumping new release is titled “Photon” and is produced by up-and-coming artist, Bloqshot. This raw talent has yet to make his strides in the industry but with this insane track, he should be able to gain more recognition and rise up to EDM’s higher ranks in no time.

In a positive way, “Photon” consists of a deadly dubstep bassline that attacks every little part of the ear. The track builds up with such high-octane energy that immediately leads into a much more powerful and hard-hitting drop. The additional vocals add an extra flavor to the track as well, inserting even more gas to the already overfilled tank. The addicting up-tempo beat makes this nonstop roller coaster ride a must-listen for all dubstep lovers or generally for any music enthusiast out there.

“Photon” is out now on Beatport and you can grab a copy here.