WOLV shares a celebratory treat with a Halloween Mix

In addition to our buckets of candies and chocolates this Halloween, WOLV has provided us with our best treat yet by giving out a Halloween Mix for free. Dyro’s record label has been supporting and exposing fresh talents ever since its establishment last year and this newly released mix showcases just that. The 30-minute mix features Dyro’s recent single “Like A Boss” as well as a WOLV-released track by Loopers called “Tell Me”. Exclusive tracks from other up-and-coming producers are also played in the mix, including future tracks from newly signed artists by WOLV.

Overall, this Halloween Mix will give you a thrilling ride with its bone-chilling build-ups and its hard-hitting bass. From drum and bass to electro house, WOLV’s free mix delivers thirty minutes of incredible music that is suitable to October’s biggest occasion. Despite its short length, this mix should be sufficient in starting our Halloween night right by getting our hearts pumping and our feet moving.

You can listen to the mix for free here.