Zedd answer questions from fans

Already half way through his ’True Colors’ Tour in Europe, Russian-German dance music phenomenon Anton Zaslavski better know as Zedd has stopped by Vevo to answer a few questions from fans in Vevo’s latest ‘ASK:REPLY‘ episode. In the Q&A, Zedd reveals everything from his worst school subject, to what he’d be doing if he wasn’t making music. Check it out:

Q: What was the worst subject at school?

A: For me personally… French was the devil, I absolutely didn’t get it. I’am terrible at math, i’am horrible at Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Now we are almost through every single thing aside from music… but I would say French was probably my least favorite subject in school.

Q: What’s your favorite song to play at the True Colors Tour?

A: I think one of my favorite songs to play out currently is ’Beautiful Now’. It’s my opening song on this tour, and it has a little intro so people don’t know it’s the actual song and then when people realize its ’Beautiful Now’, which you know has a little slow transition into it, the mode kinda switches drastically to everybody smiling and taking their phones out and I love that little moment of switch when people realize what song it is, and are suddenly all pretty happy. So I would say currently ’Beautiful Now’ is one of my favorite songs to play out.

Q: What would you be doing in life right now if you didn’t produce music?

A: There’s a couple of options…one, I would be a school teacher and would be trying to teach music and English. Two is I would be an incredibly successful soccer(football) player; i’am terrible at soccer but that would be an option, theoretically. Three, I would be homeless and making music on the street. Or four I would still live with my parents, and make music just like I used to before I started touring. All great options!

Q: Would you one day travel in space?

A: 100%! If it’s safe i’ll do it. I have done a little trip to SpaceX, and its very interesting. I would love to go to space one day, if I end up on Mars I would not love to be left there, so let’s maybe take another destination…

Q: If you had one person to travel with, who would it be and why?

A: It would probably be my tour manager Ken, because without Ken I would probably not be here, I would never find the next city, never be on the right plane, not have my passport and all these other things.

Q: Is there a possibility that one day you are going to shave off your beard?

A: There is a possibility yes, because I could be sleeping and somebody could be doing that, but I don’t think I would want to do that because I would look sixteen, and people would probably kick me out the clubs… and that is a terrible idea!

Q: What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?

A: It’s not the funniest joke ever, but I’am a huge South Park fan, and there was an episode on South Park were there was a joke about fishsticks. I don’t want to say the full joke here, but if you google ”fishsticks south park” and that’s my favorite joke of all time.

Watch the ASK:REPLY episode below:


Credit to Vevo

Photo: Rukes.com