Home Uncategorized YNOW deliver their best track yet with “Deden”
YNOW are another result from

YNOW deliver their best track yet with “Deden”

Home Uncategorized YNOW deliver their best track yet with “Deden”

YNOW are another result from the esteemed Swedish pipeline of DJ/Producer’s. Founded a little over 6 months ago, the trio is made up of Anton Lukeniuk, Benjamin Sulaj & Pontus Sundgren, sourcing from the rural North of the Scandinavian country. And it’s this connection with natures elements that seem to infect their material with a subtle purity and organic atmosphere.

Their first track, “Mandala“, acted as a true statement of their intent. Infused with character and quality, YNOW hit the ground running with over 50,000 plays on Spotify and with it being released through Song Music. And if “French Kiss” and now “Deden” is anything to go by, it’s set to be an upward trend from there.

Opting for a greater melodic focus, YNOW’s symphonic layering create an orchestral edge to the progressive house track. Using sharp samples and synchronized elements, the introduction also employs raw piano chords and rhythmic drums, adding a classy touch to the rising tempo and incoming development. Leading into the electro progression, the savvy energy bursts at the airwaves spectrum, leaving an infectious melodic sequence and pulsating beat to take your mind into a different sphere of thought and experience.

Fading out through a devolution of layers, YNOW have evidently enhanced their mastering skills and now our expectations. Providing a fully satisfying dose of progressive house, we have a quiet hunch this one won’t just be a playlist filler, rather a highlight of the list.

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