Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank – Shades Of Grey (Agravic Remix)

Agravic are a Swedish duo some of you may have heard of. And if you haven’t yet, you’re about to. Yet another product of the Swedish DJ/Producer pipeline, Agravic certainly aren’t a shabby emerging act.

Having had their single “Arise” gather over 2 million plays on Spotify, it’s fair to say they have the talent and ability to create something special and popular. Add to that their ‘Agravic Sessions’ often within the Top 10 on Mixcloud, and support from Jordy Dazz for their remix of Artson’s “Circle Track” and you start to get the impression they really are a name you should’ve heard much more about. On top of that, Agravic are some of the nicest guys on the scene, regularly interacting with fans and forever gracious on social media.

Which makes their remix of Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank’s “Shades Of Grey” even sweeter. While many have put their hand to one of the biggest future house tracks of the year, with some even featuring on We Rave You, this progressive house make over is definitely one the finer free downloads that’s come our way and caught our attention.

Restructuring the entire opening, Agravic opt for a scintillating accumulation of layers to underlay the iconic vocals of the original. Using claps and fading chords to build the first wave of tempo, the second sub-development, filled with drums, adds real fire towards the progression – which in itself its something rather special. Going for a vocal-sample top layer, the progression has a pulsating kick-bass accompanied by an assortment of synths and FX.

Employing the chorus as the lead for the bridge, the intense energy from Agravic certainly isn’t lost on the ear. And with the progression coming in for a second sound, the rich electro detail included becomes even more evident. With sharp sounds throughout the multiple layers, it’s fair to say the standard of production is of a very high quality.

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