Axwell sends cease & desist letter to Republican candidate for illegally using ‘Something New’ for his campaign

Always ready to share the love, Axwell and Ingrosso have made it fairly clear that they want no part to play in politics after they sent multiple cease and desist letters to American Republican candidate Marco Rubio.

The letters, sent by Axwell and concerning the duos song “Something New” were taken light heatedly by Rubio who said “Electronic dance music — I’m a fan of. We just can’t play it cause none of the DJ guys — they all send us letters, ‘Don’t play my music. I’m Swedish. I don’t care about American politics,’.

Luckily for us the Swedes are happy to stick to what they do best, making and playing music and helping the world in a positive way such as their recent campaign in which they donated all proceeds of their latest single “This Time” to help refugees through the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees.

Source: YourEDM, NBC