Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Dream Bigger

Former members of the Swedish House Mafia trio, Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso have been having quite the party as the Axwell^Ingrosso setup. Their releases have been doing rounds all over the international scene and the music doesn’t seem to stop even though many still try to relive the days of the Swedish House Mafia through their music. But all that is past and as we enter into 2016, Axwell^Ingrosso look to make a big opening.

The duo are set to release their track ‘Dream Bigger‘ on the 8th of January but decided to give a little something to enjoy ourselves on the new year’s eve after giving a Spotify release to the instrumental version of the track. As for the music, it’s decorated with groovy “808” sound and a peculiar twist of design that could only have the duo as creators. The original only pips it due to the invested vocals from the global star Pharrell Williams, which gives it a better direction. Nevertheless, the instrumental is here for us to enjoy and give a blueprint of what big dreams the duo lay in store for their fans!

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