Coldplay ft. Beyonce – Hymn For The Weekend (Prod. Avicii)

To the sheer joy of many, English band Coldplay just released their latest and seventh album ‘A Head Full Dreams‘. No strangers to electronic music, the band have often broken the boundaries between pop and dance music, to create some of the best blends of the genres. From their hit single ‘A Sky Full Of Stars‘ to their new Daft Punk-influenced track, Coldplay has successfully dabbled in the waters of EDM. This time, they have once again turned to Avicii for a title track ‘A Hymn For The Weekend‘.

Premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio One as the ‘Hottest Record In The World’, the track also features singer Beyonce. In their pursuit to create a signature party tune, bassist Guy Berryman describes the pop singer as the piece of the puzzle that not only made the song, but also the easiest component to add. Avicii’s spin on things invigorates Coldplay’s mellow piano synths into an energetic “gospel-infused party jam.”

With this album, Coldplay seem to have completed a full circle – a journey from rock, to electronic music, to a return to their roots.