David Guetta opens up about career and personal life in recent interview

Many dance music fans are cognizant of David Guetta as one of the legendary pioneers of the genre. From his early work at the small clubs in Paris to being one of the most prominent artists in the industry, the Frenchman unquestionably changed the game for many DJ’s and producers. Guetta is also known for his fusion of pop and mainstream culture into his productions, resulting into his numerous platinum-recording hits such as “Titanium” and “Hey Mama”. Expanding on his music and how he got started, Guetta said in a recent interview with The Hindu’s Metroplus:

“I started to DJ even before house music at 17. I was like, one of the most indie DJs, but absolutely no one knew the name of DJ in a club. I started playing a mix of funk and new wave. It’s funny because it’s what I do today, a mix of dark electronic sad sounds with happy groovy songs. I’m actually producing the music that I was doing when I was young. I always felt our music was not respected the way it should have been, and I’ve done everything to change this.”

For a long time, Guetta has been busy shuffling between being a DJ, producing music in his studio, and performing live with different artists. When asked which of these he prefers, he responded:

“Music at large is what I enjoy. It’s the essence of my soul. It wakes me up in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. I can’t imagine my world without music. I love to make people dance; it’s a way of bringing people together regardless of religion, nationality, sexuality, belief. I got into producing to create songs that were missing from my sets. That’s the opposite path that young talent in the EDM scene take today. You become a DJ because you’re a good producer. A lot of the new generation wouldn’t even understand what I’m saying because they start off as producers.”

With such a busy schedule of playing in front of crowds and traveling around the world, balancing his personal life may be a difficult task. To counteract this, however, Guetta said:

“I don’t really chill out, honestly. It’s working, but it’s not because I don’t have to come out with a new single. I can just make music for fun. So to me, that is making music a hobby. It’s still the most exciting thing to me.”

During the interview, Guetta was also asked what an artist must do to keep evolving to which he answered:

“The technical aspect of music is important, but what makes a record a hit is not the execution – it’s the original creative idea. The field and the application of knowledge is more important than the name one makes. Collaboration is healthy and one should be receptive to it. I would just advice all DJ’s to learn to be producers first.”

Lastly, when asked about his future productions and tours, Guetta hinted that something massive is coming in 2016:

“It’s too early to comment but I have a big surprise in store in terms of collaborations and touring.”

After a successful run headlining festivals and achieving multiple awards this year, the momentum should only carry over to a brighter 2016 for David Guetta.

Source: The Hindu