Deadmau5 explains why he abhors Justin Bieber & his fights on twitter with Skrillex

So here we are doing our job as the “some blog, blog bullshit (or otherwise?) thing” as Deadmau5 asked us to do during his recent stream, during which he also answered questions. But at the center of the entire stream was the part where Joel came clean about the whole twitter drama and why he does it. In simple words, it is because Justin Bieber is tripe.

Joel puts forth the points that he, excusably, could not put in the 140 character confines of tweets. The topics range from how TV ratings are shallow if not completely useless to what his fellow EDM stars are becoming. The main part of the the conversation concerning Bieber is that none of the music that he puts out, in the form of singles and albums, is technically his. According to Joel, he has no significant role in the making of it other than the humming he does (imitated by Zimmerman to perfection in the video) and the fact that he is its own poster boy. Zimmerman also goes on to justify his criticism of Skrillex & Diplo for the unreal dependence that they show as independent artists. He then goes on to point out that Bieber’s success or whatever is portrayed as such, is the direct result of “Bieber jumping right into the scene when the Trap – Diplo sound was in and he it“.

This is what galvanizes the deadmau5 we see on twitter, an enraged Zimmerman claims.

He finally moves towards how he feels empowered with a sense of honesty towards himself as an artist when he produces music who took no assistance from anyone else. Then Joel juxtaposes that scenario with Bieber and his music, for the production of which Bieber does nothing more than look in his pocket, where Bieber does nothing more than being a poster boy to increase sales.

To all those who were annoyed with Zimmerman’s antics on Twitter of late, this is the fitting justification that he has to offer. It’s explicit, it’s honest, it’s deadmau5 to the core.


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