Deadmau5 releases new clip, hints at possible end of character

Deadmau5 is undoubtedly one of the faces of EDM’s rise to popularity, for better or for worse. The recent headlines involving his name don’t involve his controversial opinions and voicing’s, rather the masterful studio work his times been committed, and that’s good news for everyone.

Last month the Canadian delivered two new productions, “Imaginary Friends” and “NVIDIA”, which brought about nostalgic vibes for many of us with the grittier sounds and darker atmospheres they brought. And it seems this month, even more Deadmau5 is set to come our way with the release of a new clip on SoundCloud titled “00001”.

While only lasting 2 minutes, the clip seems to be a preview of something far bigger in scale and grandeur. Artistically crafted, the clip’s sounds imply a building of energy is just around the corner. The decadent tones, brought about by the lack of significant bass and soft accents, Deadmau5′ redeveloped studio certainly seems to be reaping creative reward already.

However, the material itself may be released under a different artistic name if of his latest tweets is anything to go by. And with the likes of Laidback Luke and Marcus Schossow commented on the feed, it’s not to be taken lightly.

Is this the end of Deadmau5 for the foreseeable future?


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