Dee Mash Fuses Genre’s Once Again With “X”

Dee Mash surfaced onto the scene a little over 4 months ago with the release of his ‘XIV’ Extended Play. Having remixed the likes of Knife Party’s “LRAD” and produced other original material in recent times, its fair to say the DJ/Producer from Chicago, Illinois is on an upward trajectory.

The EP itself includes 3 tracks which all fuse dubstep and harmony that is on an orchestral level. Not a combination you see all too often. Which makes Dee Mash’s future movements even more exciting.

Opening with a pulsating beat, the quick-firing, stabbing, chords surge to the forefront, creating a wall of energy as the sound-wave’s leave the speakers. With a further increase in intensity, the additional layers and isolation of sounds within the format make the orchestral break even more attention-grabbing.

Starting with purely harmonic vocals, the choir’s voices alongside tribal-like drums adds real atmosphere to the busy violin sequence. Transitioning through synths and tempo development, the second dubstep progression fuses with the soul-warming violin. Not ceasing to bring flare or surprise, the dynamic styling of “X” is in itself a reflection of the character of Dee Mash. Which as the name suggests isn’t exactly one to stick to one formulaic genre or sound.

Joined by “I” and “V” on the EP, “X” is certainly a token insight into the mind and talent of Dee Mash. And with 2016 fast approaching it’s fair to say We Rave You is excited to follow the young American’s development and material in the near future.

Check out Dee Mash’s “X” below!

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