Josef Salvat – Open Season (Deniz Koyu Bootleg)

Deniz Koyu is one We Rave You’s and Axtone’s favourite Germans. An ear for quality and marked for his versatility, Koyu is rapidly nearing his 50th episode of his weekly podcast, Soundcheck Radio, and that’s a reflection of his esteemed reputation. Having gained a loyal, respected, following Deniz Koyu now has the flexibility to dabble in his musical interests entirely. And that means remixing and bootlegging nearly every artist and every track that takes his fancy

Producing a joyous bootleg of London-based Australian Josef Salvat‘s “Open Season“, Koyu add’s extra depth to the already impressive track. With a beat reminiscent of a heart beat, the warming musical atmosphere captures the listeners ears and attention, still managing to lose them to the sensitive vocals and emotive lyrics. Adding a couple more synths, and electronic layers, Koyu’s more minimalist approach reaps greater reward than a major rework would likely do.

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