Dyro Announces Upcoming 4 Track EP Focused on Variety

It’s going to be Daftastic.

Dyro has announced his upcoming EP, which is set to comprise 4 tracks and will span different styles. The Dutchman recently took to his Twitter to announce the EP and also stated that all 4 tracks part of the EP will be “completely different”.


Admittedly, it has been a brand new production road that Dyro has now taken. With WOLV developing a dedicated fan following of its own, the label’s head honcho now has a clear understanding of what he likes and what goes well with the fans too. So with that in mind, the new EP is bound to bring all the boys to the yard to appreciate the production prowess of the artist whom Hardwell touted to be the biggest upcoming talent in the world! With all the anticipation building, the EP is surely going to be another instrumental piece of Dyro music that sets him apart from the rest.

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