Hardwell talks about his “Legend of Zelda” remix

It is without a question now that Hardwell is one of the well-known DJ’s who have been associated with gaming as previously revealed. Along with avid gamers, deadmau5 and Zedd, the Dutch superstar does not only play video games during his spare time but also incorporates ideas and concepts from gaming into his own production. Specifically speaking, Hardwell was recently asked to remix a video game soundtrack of “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Time”, which will be played during the 2015 Game Awards.

Following the footsteps of some EDM heavyweights such as Daft Punk, who created the soundtrack for “Tron: Legacy”, Hardwell is pursuing similar goals to unite gaming and electronic music together. By remixing the Zelda soundtrack’s “Gerudo Valley”, the two-time #1 DJ of the world will gladly represent his favorite video game during his childhood. Hardwell said,

“I definitely think there are similarities between dance music and video games. In the end, it’s all electronic music. You can create different atmospheres in video games, the same goes for a DJ set”.

The 2015 Game Awards will be streaming live on Youtube Gaming on December 3rd at 9pm ET.

Source: Dancing Astronaut