John Christian & Jacky Greco – Hit ‘M Like This

The John Christian & Jacky Greco collaboration may just well be Freeway Recordings best record to date. And that’s saying something. Since it’s start back in October with “Brothers“, the young label has gone on to deliver some major soundwaves within the scene.

With Jacky Greco having remixed the likes of Dada Life, Rihanna, ZHU, Nicky Romero, and this year’s anthem “Lean On”, the American-based Italian has garnered esteemed respect and created a polished reputation since emerging into the spotlight just under 2 year ago. Reflected by the opportunity brought to him by his fellow collaborator, the time spent on the track will no doubt influence the future of Jack Greco in more ways than one.

John Christian on the other hand, is at the other end of the career spectrum, with the Dutchman wielding a portfolio the mass majority of DJ/Producers only ever dream of. Nearing 2 decades in the industry, he has amassed over 2000 releases including more than 400 single hit records – which speaks for itself. As well as that, John Christian has acted as none other than Nicky Romero’s mentor, with collaborations including David Guetta, Rihanna, Calvin Harris and Usher sourcing from his studio’s. Now with his own career including major remixes, originals and performances around the EDM map, it’s fair to say Christain acts as an aspiration and an inspiration for the industry as a whole.

So it’s without any surprise that “Hit ‘M Like This” brings with it a genre defying characteristic. Infused with an essence of organised madness, it’s hard to put a finger on quite what makes this track so distinctive and repeatable. With each memorable layered synth molded with the FX throughout the intro, the energetic atmosphere is lifted via  vocal riffs and firing tempo.

Leading into the tantalizingly rich drop, the track then takes another direction, with hints of trance within the chords and electro in the background throughout the bridge. The onset of the melodic progression blends then refreshes the auditory pallet, with the 2nd serving of the drop providing another reason as to why defining this track by genre is so difficult – for all the right reasons.

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