Mako – Way Back Home

Producers Logan Light and Alex Seaver, or better known as Mako, have been recognized for their fusion of dance music, alternative, and some classical influence. Beginning with their first ever release “Beam”, their name quickly circulated around as their track went viral across several different platforms. Along with their other big releases such as their collaboration with Steve Angello on “Children of the Wild” and their own single “Smoke Filled Room”, their musical productions are unquestionably top-notch.

Displaying their prowess once again, Mako have now returned to release yet another magical track and end the year on a high note. Titled “Way Back Home”, this brand new single not only has Mako’s unique sounds but also consists of beautifully written and sung vocals to complement the instrumentals. Describing their track on their Soundcloud page, Mako wrote:

“This is a special one for us. Our first step forward combining all the things we love – songwriting, electronics, film and orchestral music, indie rock. Very happy to finally share this with you.”

“Way Back Home” begins with a chilling introduction that brings some goosebumps right off the bat. The astonishing vocals then enter, which effectively send out the track’s strong emotions. Following the flawless combination of the vocals and the breathtaking progressions, a series of strumming is played alongside another set of angelic and unimaginable melodies. Listening to the track, overall, will undoubtedly hit anyone right in the feels and with its perfect mix of elements from dance music and alternative, Mako have once again proven their ground as two of the most talented producers in today’s industry.

“Way Back Home” is out now and you can grab a copy here.