Martin Garrix retracts Spinnin’ Records lawsuit

It’s been an eventful year for Martin Garrix; one of the highlights included Garrix dropping Spinnin’ Records as his management and label in an attempt to regain ownership of his tracks. Discussions with Spinnin’ officials did not result in much and the 19 year old was forced to file a lawsuit. However, it appears both parties have reached a behind-the-doors agreement and the lawsuit has hence been dropped.

Garrix released a statement in which he appears to have regained possession of his music and that’s great news for the community!

Dear all,

I hereby inform you that I have withdrawn the summary proceedings against Spinnin Records (kort geding) of 3 December 2015.

As a result of further negotiations, Spinnin Records has transferred ownership rights of my music back to me, which was the main goal of the summary proceedings. I will grant Spinnin Records an exclusive license (for a limited period) for the tracks that were released by Spinnin Records until August 2015.

The remaining differences of opinion between parties will most probably be subject of further legal proceedings. In the meantime parties will keep trying to resolve this matter amicably.

Best regards,

Martijn Garritsen

It looks like negotiations on Martin’s primary goal of ownership have gone in his favour but the lack of enthusiasm could suggest there are other problems that need to be dealt with. We’ll keep you informed of any further legal proceedings.

H/T: YourEDM