Mat Zo returns with a 140BPM Trance Track

It’s been 5 months since we’ve heard a new tune from Mat Zo. Coming off of his proper remix for Arty’s “Stronger”, Zo surprises us all with a pure nostalgic gem by name of “Don’t Say The T Word”. This tune encompasses everything from the glory years of trance in the early 2000’s. It’s 140 BPM of pure classic greatness, incredibly heavy and melodic, the way it should be.

“Real” trance is often sought after and debated over as a dying art form. With Armin fans disappointed in his new direction and Tiesto no longer revered as a king of trance, there’s plenty of room for a new hero to lead a revival. Is Mat Zo that hero? Maybe not, but we have to give him credit for this track as it really is a quality tune. Oh, and did I mention he’s giving it away for free? Go grab your copy now!