Matisse of Matisse & Sadko previews unexpected banger in Prydz podcast

Known for their unique progressive/big-room sound, the Russian brothers Matisse and Sadko are making massive waves in the dance community as fantastic producers, and this progressive track from one of the members – Matisse, proves that.

Surprisingly premiered on Eric Prydz’ latest Beats One Radio show, this new solo record sounds like it was taken straight from the Prydz book of production itself, and it’s easy to see why it could be mistaken for the Swede, as the sound design, melody and progression is something normally associated with the king of progressive house.

Hopefully we can expect this one to be released soon, and after hearing this preview, it’ll have everyone tearing their hair out until we get a full mix:

Thanx to Eric Prydz for this unexpected support of Matisse’s track ‘Melodicca’ in latest episode of Beats 1 radio show!

Posted by Matisse & Sadko on Saturday, December 5, 2015