Maxime Iron spins a beautiful tribute to Paris

In the wake of the heart-wrenching attacks on the beautiful city of Paris, many of us, DJs included, came together to hold hands and mourn the loss of the fallen. While some rose up against the barbaric terrorism, others utilised their creative sides to produce timeless tributes to the aggrieved.

One such artist is Maxime Iron. Born in Mulhouse, easternFrance, Maximes childhood was influenced by a blend of the classic genres – Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. Testing the waters of electronic music at the tender age of 15, he, step by step and over time, built a serious reputation in his region. Starting with mixing his tracks in choked clubs, to being broadcasted all over the French radio, Maxime soon began to sign records to Columns of Knowledge Recordings, Jade Recordings, N’joy Records and Momix Records.

Maxime prides himself for taking a step away from commercial house, while employing melodic synths for mighty Deep and Tech House productions. His latest tune ‘Paris‘ exemplifies his stellar production ability in a rollercoaster ride of emotions. With mellow bells and claps lining the length of the song, he proves himself to be nothing short of the next big thing.

Hats off to Maxime Iron!