Nicky Romero steps back into the spotlight, surprises fans with free download

Nicky Romero has had a roller-coaster of a journey over the last year with highs including playing at all the massive festivals along with huge success with Protocol Recordings. However, the Dutch superstar hasn’t been releasing music for a while now and revealed that he’s been struggling with anxiety issues last month. Now those worries can be put aside as Romero’s health issues have taken a turn for the better and his latest single ‘Harmony‘ is set to be released on the 21st of December.

Moving on to even better news, it seems Nicky’s long awaited track, ‘Drums of Love’ isn’t just a burried project. A fan reached out to the Protocol boss on Twitter regarding the infectious progressive house tune. Romero’s response has left fans elated.

Check out the rip from Nicky Romero’s TomorrowLand 2013 performance. Collaborating artists and a release date still aren’t confirmed, but we’ll keep you lot updated!