Official Top 100 DJanes according to DJane Mag

With all the drama surrounding this years ridiculous DJ Mag poll,  we’ve seen other top 100 lists come through and stir the pot even more. Well, the votes are in for this years Top 100 DJane, an exclusively all female DJ poll that tallies votes similar to DJ Mags. Topping the list at #1 is DJ Juicy M, with heavy hitters like Alison Wonderland and Tiger Lily also in the top 10.  Also included high on the list is TV actress turned DJ, Ruby Rose; which, to be frank, we’re not sure isn’t due to sheer popularity. Not to mention the fact that Paris Hilton appears to have beat out actual producers like Hannah Wants which also leaves a salty taste on our tongues.

While this list certainly does boast some female DJ/Producer powerhouses, the fact that it’s essentially just another popularity poll like DJ Mag, we’re sure some names have snuck on to the list that truly may or may not deserve to be there.

Check out the official list by clicking here.