SAMURIZE – Killer Instinct

After taking Japan by storm, the dance group of SAMURIZE has now brought its talents to Afrojack’s label, Wall Recordings. Inspired by the popular fighting video game with the same name, SAMURIZE has recently released an absolute banger titled “Killer Instinct”.

The track was premiered during Afrojack’s set at Ultra Japan and right from the get-go, it was rocking the dance floor and was energizing the rowdy Tokyo crowd. SAMURIZE even performed live while the track was playing, which provided quite an eye-opening show for the audience. Following this positive response, SAMURIZE’s new single is now set to cause tremors anywhere with its unimaginably colossal sounds.

Consisting of a stunning progressive build-up, “Killer Instinct” is engaging and pleasing even before its climax. The track also includes samples from the fighting video game such as the voice-over saying “Combo Breaker”. The main highlights of the track are when the mind-blowing drops commence. Featuring a strong, fluctuating bassline and powerfully pulsating beats, the track infiltrates every little part of the ear and delivers a thrilling listening experience.

Not many people from outside of Asia may be aware of SAMURIZE. However, with this big release, the group has now sliced through its barriers and has made its presence known to the entire world.

“Killer Instinct” is out now and you can grab a copy here.