Skrillex Unleashes His Incredible Remix and Music Video for GTA’s “Red Lips”

Many of us have been waiting months for the release of this track, and it is finally here.  Skrillex has unleashed his remix of GTA’sRed Lips” and it fully delivers.

It has been a while since we have heard the signature Skrillex sound that he became famous for with tracks like “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” and “First of the Year (Equinox)“.  Recently, he has been focused on producing records with the popular Jack Ü sound, featuring more bouncy styles, and fostering his remarkably successful label, OSWLA.  His “Red Lips” remix reverts back to his hard-hitting, heavy Dubstep sound that will send any crowd into a ruckus.  Pairing with the incredible vocals from the original, the track has almost a haunting tone that lures you in, but then features some of the best Dubstep breakdowns we have heard in a long time.  We can only hope that this triggers a string of new releases from the Dubstep genius.

Pairing with the release of the record, Skrillex unveiled an incredibly artistic music video that continues on with the haunting theme of the record.  Working with Grant Singer to write and produce the music video, you see that the amount of detail that went into the record is matched by the high-production standards of the music video.  We do not want to spoil the music video too much for you, but it is definitely something that you see to see.

Skrillex’s remix of “Red Lips” is available now on iTunes.