Still Young, Simon de Jano & Madwill – Temptation

Still Young, sidekick and mentee of the iconic Steve Angello, is born and bred deep in the reaches of the dance music industry. More than a superficial identity, he believes in letting his music do the talking – and talk it does.

For his latest release, Still Young has teamed up with Italian producers Simon de Jano and Madwill to deliver a groove injected dancefloor killer. Titled ‘Temptation‘, its grinding melodies and bass ridden drops, helps displays the the young producers mastery of their art. Soft piano synths, bolstered by the vocals in the breakdown, add depth and soul to the track. First premiered by none other than Steve Angello himself, across his various headlining sets, this track is also signed to the Swedish maestros very own label ‘SIZE Recordings’.’

Catch Temptation on Decemeber 11th.