Ten Walls Emerges Once Again, In Support Of LGBT

Ten Walls had a bit of a hiccup this year, and while the after-effects are still lingering among fans, the Lithuanian DJ/Producer has come back from the undergrowth of production and into the spotlight.

His homophobic comments on his personal Facebook account clearly caused a major stir, with a number of bookings cancelling his placement on their line-up’s. The was so big in fact that the President of Lithuania even commented on the topic earlier this year.


However, after a break from music production and several apologies, Ten Walls is willing to get back doing what he loves, and what he does best. And after the number of times “Walking With Elephants” has been played on our playlists, it’s fair to say we’re pretty happy his talents are active once more.

Emerging back into the scene with “Shining”, Ten Walls’ approach to music and life in general seems to have a more considered, meaningful dimension to it. The emotive track features transgender singer Alex Radford, reflecting his change. With heavy layers lining up to create a slow-tempoed atmosphere filled with extended chords. The controlled energy flow is one that shows his new studio is certainly paying off.

Released through Lithuania’s LGBT community, the tracks release also comes with the following statement:

“One of the main principles of our organization is to build bridges rather than barriers. We can become a community free from fears and prejudices only by being open and ready to learn from our mistakes. The National LGBT rights organization LGL applauds the initiative by Ten Walls to premiere his new song “Shining” at the web platform of the national LGBT organization. We firmly believe that this will become a small step towards creating an open and inclusive environment in the Lithuanian society.”

Grab your Free Copy today from the Soundcloud link below!


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