Thomas Jack

Thomas Jack Intends To Leave Tropical House Behind

Despite the recent blow-up of the tropical house genre, Mr. Tropical himself, “Thomas Jack” has voiced his intention to jump off the tropical house bandwagon. The commercialization of this genre has lessened his interest of being associated with it. With the mass production comes an influx of lackluster tracks with rather no character. If the tracks are not blowing people away, they are not ready to be released to the public.

For those who aren’t familiar with Thomas Jack – he is the founding father of this sub-genre and is a true inspiration for all the producers out there making tropical house tracks. Followed by Kygo and many more, the tropical house genre has taken over the world with its chill summer-y vibes.

Thomas Jack is determined to re-invent his image and will sure captivate the EDM lovers with its “Burning Man oriented” theme.

In recent interview for Noisey, Thomas discussed about the current status of the Tropical-house genre:

“a lot of people started copying off it and started changing the style of it. People would go grabbing, like, 90s pop songs and putting fuckin’ flutes over them, it became so annoying that I’m over it and I don’t even wanna do it anymore.”

“This genre has impacted on commercial radio. This time next year, tropical house will not be the same. I wanna still hold my name as an artist and not become way, way, way commercial. I don’t wanna be limited to the name of a genre”

Thomas expresses his fear from the genre’s inflation of productions, and that he might be jammed in the corner because of that:

“I just wanna be Thomas Jack and do my thing,” he says. “I fear that, in a year, I’m gonna be jammed in this corner. And everyone’s gonna know me as just that.”

H/T: Noisey