TripL unveil progressive specialty with “Brand New Day”

TripL are the latest Israeli duo to emerge onto our radars. A reflection of the current affluent wealth of talent the nation has, but also the pairs consistent production of emotionally provoking tracks. And it seems they haven’t just caught our eye…

Putting their talent to good use, TripL are the masterminds behind Freeway Recordings 5th release, the esteemed label of none other than John Christian. With over 2000 productions to his career’s credit, to get the approval and attention of Christian is a feat in itself. Safely holding his place in EDM folklore, Freeway Recordings is already making its presence felt within the scene, thank to tracks like “Brand New Day”.

Joining up with Arina Popova, one half of the Israeli duo YUAR, TripL are continue their momentum gathered in during last year. Which makes 2016 even more exciting for the young DJ/Producer duo. Having played alongside Axwell /\ Ingrosso and already won a MTV EMA for “This Whole Damn World“, they’ve caught the attention of industry heavy-weights Tiesto and W&W.

Creating 5 minutes of blissful progressive house, the emotionally charged track provides a soulful edge to it’s surging energy. Opening with an optimizing introduction to set the mood, the initiation of Arina’s vocals adds a layer of sensitivity and beauty. With her fluid vocals leading the track forward, sporadic drums, rising synths and backing harmonies smoothly transition to the energizing development. Giving way to a pulsating progression, the soaring melodic chords and deeper tones curate a transcending atmosphere. One where present-day worries are distracted by sheer satisfaction.

Leaving your thoughts in limbo, “Brand New Day” acts as a testament to the development of both TripL and Freeway Recordings in both quality and lasting effect. Be sure to grab your copy today!

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