Gareth Emery brings inspiration with emotional post

Gareth Emery is one of the UK’s best electronic dance music exports. However, getting to level of status he has, and achieving the things he has in that time did not come as easily as one may think. And it’s these insights and more genuine moments from artist’s that are becoming appreciated throughout the scene. The more human touch as it were.

Emery posted a heartfelt message on Facebook for all of his fans to ring in the new year. A long while before his days of performing at esteemed and reputed festivals, Gareth Emery started out with very little to his name financially. Battling the fact his was broke and struggling to get bookings, his closest friends and family encouraged him to throw in the towel and find a real job—even his agent advised him to choose a different career. However, as we all know, dream careers very rarely happen without a turning point.

After months, years even, of persistent effort to craft his trade and break into the industry,that it was also Emery’s reflection that helped rejuvenate his disk-jockeying and musical production. Having come to the realization that is application to the career lacked the full commitment it needed, he set out to resolve his issues and really begin his career.

Flash forward 10 years and now he is bigger than ever. Now having garnered a devoted fan base, Emery now runs his own radio show ‘Electric For Life’, is a resident DJ at the iconic Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub in Las Vegas, and performs at big-name festivals such as Ultra, EDC, and Insomniac’s newest festival brand Dreamstate, an event devoted entirely to trance.

To read his full story, check out the Facebook post below.

10 years ago I nearly gave up making music.In 2006 I was broke, making less than minimum wage, no girlfriend, still…

Posted by Gareth Emery on Friday, January 1, 2016

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